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During the hot summer months, we quickly come to rely on our air conditioning. Unfortunately, air conditioners always seem to break down on the hottest days of the year. At Frost Air Services, we provide quick and affordable AC repairs, restoring comfort to your home once again.


No longer will you have to wait several days for your air conditioner repairs or spend excessive amounts on timely emergency service. Frost Air Services believes in providing high-quality repairs at an affordable rate. We offer upfront pricing on any of our Tulsa HVAC services.


Our air conditioning repairs are backed by a seasonal guarantee! If you experience problems with your air conditioner after we have completed our repairs, the service call is on us. We pride ourselves in our workmanship and strive to provide each of our customers with services that exceed their expectations.


The majority of air conditioning repairs are complex and should only be performed by a skilled technician. Every technician at Frost Air Services is required to participate in continuing education courses. We take time to better our skills in order to provide our customers with exceptional services. A trained and licensed technician will provide you with a quality repair that stands the test of time.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance 


To minimize the need for emergency air conditioning repairs, we recommend that you schedule a bi-annual maintenance visit. During this visit, we will assess each component of your HVAC system, ensuring that it will continue to perform properly in the coming months. This will minimize frustration breakdowns and improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Systems


In some cases, it may be best to replace your air conditioning system with a model that is more energy-efficient. We love helping our clients make an informed decision on when to replace their air conditioning system. Our team works to provide each customer with repair or replacement options that fit within their budget.


Air conditioning equipment tends to last between 12-15 years. When it comes time to replace your current system, Frost Air Services will help you select a system that suits your needs. We base our recommendations on current sizing and heat load calculations. By doing so, we are able to select a system that is appropriate for the size of your home or business.


During the replacement process, we will also focus on air duct design for your home. This will help your air conditioning system perform as efficiently as possible while ensuring that each connection is sealed properly.


We know that each customer is different. At Frost Air Services, we provide you with a system that matches both your desired comfort level and your budget. With many air conditioning systems to choose from, we will provide you with a system that meets your needs.


Each technician at Frost Air Services completes education courses on proper installation methods. This ensures that your new system will meet or exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations. Because of this, your air conditioning system will last longer and perform as efficiently as possible. An energy-efficient air conditioning system will not only provide a comfortable space but will also minimize your energy bill.

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Quality Air Conditioner Parts


One of the ways that we provide you with high-quality air conditioning services is by selecting high-quality parts. All of the parts we use at Frost Air Services are made in the USA and sourced from supply houses that employ local personnel. We believe that by keeping our business local, we can make an impact on our community, creating a better environment for all of us.

Tulsa Air Conditioning Services You Can Trust


At Frost Air Services, we are committed to providing each of our clients with a personalized experience. We focus on the problem at hand, ensuring that your needs are met and comfort is restored to your home or business. 


Our team of friendly technicians will install, service, or repair your air conditioning system effectively and efficiently. We are dedicated to providing you with a service that you can trust. In addition to our upfront pricing, we offer a variety of warranty services.


Included in the cost of your air conditioning repair service is a 90-day guarantee. If you are replacing major components of your air conditioning system, you will also receive a 1-year workmanship warranty. Additionally, we offer extended warranties for the replacement or repair of your air conditioning equipment.


At Frost Air Services, we provide you with access to trustworthy air conditioner repair or installation services at an affordable rate. We currently offer our services in Tulsa, Bixby, Sapulpa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Catoosa, Jenks, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to discuss your air conditioning needs! We look forward to hearing from you.