What HVAC Maintenance Includes: Complete Guide

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What HVAC Maintenance Includes: Complete Guide

HVAC Maintenance is one of those mega adulting topics. You don’t see many newly graduated twenty-somethings discussing the condition of their air conditioning units. However, they will soon come to find that boring topics are often the most integral to the health of their households. But HVAC care doesn’t have to be boring! In fact, with a few easy steps with Frost Air, you can take care of your HVAC maintenance!

So, what does HVAC maintenance include? An average HVAC maintenance includes various upkeeping actions, such as an overall inspection, changing filters, cleaning debris, and checking up on lubricants, drains, voltages, electric, exhaust, refrigerant, and fuel lines. It also includes a thermostat check to make certain the thermostat is functioning properly.

Basically, HVAC maintenance includes a TON of really important steps that might not make it onto most people’s to-do list. This is why at Frost Air, we offer customers an amazing membership opportunity. We know how much the safety of your home means to you, and so we have a Frost Air Club. With this opportunity, you will have access to a ton of exclusive discounts and special discounts.

A Complete Guide to HVAC Maintenance

HVAC RepairHVAC issues can be a huge headache for most people. We know that you are busy with a hectic work schedule, picking kids up and dropping them off to all of their appointments, and so much more, all while trying to keep up with self-care and household duties. We don’t want you to worry about random HVAC breakdowns due to maintenance issues. With special discounts up to $400 on HVAC installation and maintenance, we make sure that your needs are taken care of so that you won’t have to worry about it any longer. We can handle this for you- it’s our specialty!

And we don’t just stop there. Frost Air Members get access to the best priority scheduling! Your service will be expedited, allowing us to repair your system quickly and efficiently. Sometimes, emergency HVAC repairs will cause overtime fees due to the urgency of the problem that needs to be fixed. BUT- with Frost Air Membership, all overtime fees are eliminated, saving you hundreds of dollars. With cooler weather coming, scheduling an HVAC maintenance appointment is the best way to improve your heating system.

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

HVAC systems need a fairly regular dose of tender loving care.  If these systems are not routinely taken care of and fixed, their performance will slip until failing completely. For HVAC, seasonal maintenance is the best way to save you money in the long run. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money completely replacing your heating and cooling system, then getting regular checks and keeping an eye on it yourself is the best way to get the best value. A regular maintenance check will ascertain that your HVAC will give you consistent and great performance that lasts for years and years!

Your HVAC keeps your spaces clean and at the best temperature for you and your family. It makes sure that any gross, stale air is recycled and helps maintain your perfect temperature indoors, no matter what it feels like outside. HVAC is such an important aspect of your home or your business, investing some care and money into it is a smart move!

The best possible route to take is to hire Frost Air to professionally check and maintain your HVAC unit. Below is a list of what a typical professional HVAC maintenance inspection consists of:

1. Overall HVAC Inspection

A visual inspection of your HVAC system should definitely happen at least once a year, and we are happy to provide that as one of our services. This inspection is super important so that we can make certain nothing is overall wrong with the HVAC. You don’t want your system shutting down randomly in the middle of winter! Regular inspection will make certain that your HVAC is good to go and it will prolong its life since we’ll be able to fix things right away.

2. Inspecting and Changing HVAC Filters

Dirty filters is a super common problem in HVAC systems,  especially if you live in a dusty location. These filters take in all kinds of debris and dust and so much more to produce clean air for your home. They are responsible for keeping your air pure and clean and breathable!

If the filters aren’t cleaned and changed pretty regularly, your HVAC won’t be able to filter the air properly and will stop to function as normal. The heating and cooling will be severely inefficient and will hurt the system, which is trying to perform. Inspecting and changing the air filters is a very important step in HVAC maintenance.

3. Cleaning Any Debris

All of that dust and stuff doesn’t just settle down and make a home in filters. It also collects in blowers, moving parts, condensing units, and other vital parts of your HVAC system! A little bit of dust is okay, but the more it layers onto the system, the worse it will be for your overall HVAC system. We can thoroughly clean up all of that accumulated dust and debris and check to be sure that there’s no harm done to any of the systems due to the dust.

4. Condensate Drain Check

There’s a thing in your air conditioner and heat pump called a condensate drain. This part really needs to be free of yucky debris and dust. Any clogs or junk in the drain can stop the flow of condensed water and cause moisture build-up in the system. Too much of this moisture can cause problems like mold, water damage, humidity, uneven temperature regulation, bacteria, and air quality that’s not as good as it should be. During HVAC maintenance this should be flushed and the condensate drain should be cleaned to make sure all the excess moisture is directed away.

5. Thermostat Settings

Thankfully, most people now have programmable thermostats in their HVAC system that lets you control the temperature and set it on a schedule for heating and cooling. You can easily set the thermostat to lower the heat when you leave during the winter so that you’re saving money on you’re heating bill! We can check the thermostat during HVAC maintenance to ensure that the thermostat is working properly reading the temperature correctly. If something is wrong, Frost Air will be able to diagnosis it, and hopefully, get it all fixed for you!

6. Electrical Voltages

Did you know that HVAC connections can get weak and break over some time? This is another case of hurting the overall HVAC system if not regularly checked and repaired. Our Frost Air team can carefully examine electrical connections and determine the status of the system. They’ll examine the system for frayed and damaged wires and replace them in order to minimize the common risks of damaged connections and cords.

7. Lubricating the HVAC System

HVAC systems have some moving parts within the furnaces and other parts. These moving parts need to be lubricated routinely to minimize these moving integral parts breaking down due to wear. They will need to be carefully cleaned and have all of the debris removed before the moving parts are properly lubricated. This lubrication will help the overall system stay healthy and ready to meet all of your home’s heating or cooling needs!

8. Inspecting Exhaust Outlets

The exhaust outlets in your HVAC unit is very important! In fact, it makes certain that certain dangerous gases escape your home or business so that there’s no continual build-up of carbon monoxide or other scary gases. You don’t want any of the exhausts to get clogged since that’s part of the process of eliminating any of those gases.

Part of your HVAC maintenance upkeep is to ascertain that they chimney flue and vent stack is properly working and clear and clean for it to properly do its job. We will for signs of corrosion and other things that could eventually compromise the health of your exhaust outlets!

9.Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant is a vital part of making sure your air conditioning is functioning properly (and we all need this in the summer!). Without enough refrigerant, your HVAC unit will have to work way harder than it should, putting unnecessary strain on parts that weren’t made to have that much work! During a maintenance check, we need to make sure that there is enough refrigerant there.

10. Checking Fuel Lines and Connections

There are fuel lines supplying gas to the furnace in your HVAC unit, which helps to heat your home up and make it cozy during the c0ld months. Any leaks or problematic lines need to be inspected and fixed as soon as possible. Some soot could also accumulate and harm the functioning of your HVAC unit. This is another integral part of your HVAC maintenance!

We want to help keep your home or business safe and comfortable! According to the experts you should get your HVAC system serviced at least once a year. Let us come and create the safest space for your home by checking your HVAC unit and fixing any problems we may find. Schedule an HVAC service call with us now for only $1 for first-time customers!

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